Internet Sex Crimes

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The team at Hanlon Law is dedicated to vigorously representing residents of the Tampa Bay area who have been charged with internet sex crimes and other offenses. We understand that a defendant's future is at stake in these cases, and we work diligently to build aggressive and sophisticated strategies for the people whom we represent. Clearwater sex crime lawyer Will Hanlon has over two decades of experience fighting for the rights of people charged with crimes. Let him put his knowledge and resources to work for you.

Fighting Charges of Internet Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are serious offenses that often lead to significant prison terms and fines for people who are convicted of them. Internet sex crimes include a variety of offenses that are committed online by using computers or smartphones. These include the online solicitation of prostitutes or sex with a minor, as well as the use of the internet to capture, store, or transmit child pornography. Florida police are aggressive in their enforcement of these laws, and courts often hand down very stiff penalties in internet sex crime cases.

A person charged with using the internet to set up a sexual encounter with a minor, for instance, generally will face a charge of a third-degree felony at a minimum. This means a risk of up to five years behind bars and as much as $5,000 in fines. The jail time and monetary penalties rise to 15 years and $15,000 for people charged with a second-degree felony, such as in cases in which a person lies about their age while committing an internet sex crime involving a victim under the age of 18.

Entrapment is a common defense in cases involving internet sex crimes. Police officers are often very aggressive in the way that they pursue these cases, and they may use an online alias to initiate sex-related conversations online. What the police are not allowed to do, however, is to try to coax you into committing a crime that you otherwise would not commit without prodding. The question in these cases is often whether prosecutors can prove that a person claiming the entrapment defense was predisposed to commit the crime in question, or whether the defendant would have done it without a push in a certain direction from a police officer.

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